Grobblefruit Appreciation Society (scjody) wrote,
Grobblefruit Appreciation Society

LightI've been pondering buying a road bike for a few years now, since I do a lot of recreational road rides where one would be useful. Then cpirate bought one - so now I need one to be able to keep up with him. Plus while shopping for his, he discovered a rather good deal on an interesting bike, my size, roughly within my price range. Under those circumstances, how could I not buy it?

So I am now the proud owner of a 2002 Trek 5900 USPS (yes, that model.) It's used but in excellent condition - ridden 10814 km by a rich old man who really took care of it. He also upgraded the wheels and tires very recently and hey, 2002 Dura-Ace is still Dura-Ace.

I can't wait to ride it. I wonder if I can double the odometer reading this year? Snow, begone.

Tags: bikes

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